About Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus is where either the pancreas doesn’t produce Insulin (type 1 Diabetes) or where the Insulin produced by the pancreas is not able to be used by the cells in the body (Type 2 Diabetes). This is also called Insulin Resistance. There is also a third type of Diabetes called gestational Diabetes (GDM) which occurs in women during pregnancy.

When Insulin is not being produced, or not able to be used by the body, it leads to raised blood glucose levels, called Hyperglycemia, which causes damage to the body and its organs eventually. The condition when blood glucose levels are too low is called Hypoglycemia. Both conditions are very dangerous. The former can lead to infections, amputation, stroke, heart attack, or early death and Diabetic Retinopathy or blindness, and the latter can lead to early death as well when there is not enough glucose in the bloodstream.

How it works

The food we eat becomes glucose in the bloodstream. This fuels our body with energy, and the energy we don’t need, the excess glucose, is stored in the muscles.

As glucose enters the bloodstream the pancreas begins to produce Insulin, a hormone that brings the glucose from the bloodstream into the cells.

In Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, the body’s cells have become resistant to the Insulin which cannot bring the glucose into the cells. Thus the cells and organs don’t receive the energy they need to function properly.

This is because the body‘s cells are contaminated by unhealthy fats  through poor nutrition that causes Insulin Resistance,  and inflammation in the body. This hinders the Insulin from bringing the glucose into the cells and causes the glucose to accumulate in the bloodstream, resulting in elevated blood sugar levels.

The root of Type 2 Diabetes is the Insulin Resistance.

A Canadian doctor, Dr. Jason Fung, says, that Insulin Resistance is caused by too much Insulin in the body, which makes the cells Insulin resistant, and that the cure for Type 2 Diabetes is to lower the Insulin (see reference no. 11). This means one has to eat healthy and moderately. In effect, one must make a dietary change, that will lower the Insulin, bring the blood sugar under control, and then stop Insulin injections.

This will hinder too much Insulin being released from the pancreas, or by injections, causing further Insulin Resistance. In addition, an American doctor, Dr. Eric Berg, says that when Insulin keeps entering the body, it’s like a telephone that keeps calling the cells, and that the Insulin receptors in the cells stop picking it up, and thereby become Insulin resistant.

Insulin Resistance becomes a vicious cycle if not treated properly. If your Insulin level is high you get Insulin Resistance. As you get Insulin Resistance you get higher Insulin levels. As you get higher Insulin levels you get higher resistance, and it goes on and on until treated properly.

The symptom of Type 2 Diabetes is the high blood sugar. That is not the disease itself  but only a symptom. So to cure Type 2 Diabetes one needs to address the root, the Insulin Resistance. If you only focus on managing the symptom, as is the case in medical treatment today, the disease will never heal.

That is what the Diabetes treatment is today, only a treatment of the symptom which can never heal unless the root is treated.

When the body‘s cells become Insulin resistant, the organs don’t receive the energy they need. Thus the liver, the heart of the metabolic system, fails to function optimally. This means the entire metabolic system is not working optimally and cannot metabolize the food optimally, both resulting in high blood glucose levels.

So Type 2 Diabetes is an Insulin problem (high Insulin causing Insulin Resistance), and a liver problem as well. The pancreas is working fine producing Insulin, but the body cannot utilize it as it should because of the cells’ Insulin Resistance. As a result, the organs don’t get the energy they need, and the liver isn’t working optimally due to the Insulin Resistance and the inflammation in the body.

To fix and cure Diabetes 2 one needs to focus on curing the Insulin Resistance  through diet and exercise, and optimize the liver function through liver cleansings, so it can begin to metabolize optimally again.