blood sugar 135 before breakfast

Blood sugar level (or blood sugar concentration) is the amount of glucose (a source of energy) present in your blood at any given time. a normal level for a healthy person is somewhere between 72 mg/dl (3.8 to 4 mmol/l) and 108 mg/dl (5.8 to 6 mmol/l). it, of course, depends on every individual alone.. Drinks with natural sugar, like fruit juice, still spike our blood sugars. sticking to water, seltzer and unsweetened tea as much as possible helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. if you regularly drink sweetened beverages, changing to low-sugar or diet options first can make the shift to no-sugar-added drinks feel more doable.. It’s estimated that the average american consumes 17 teaspoons of sugar every day and around 57 pounds of added sugar each year. not only are many people eating and drinking way too much sugar, but the use of artificial sweeteners is on the rise too. thankfully, there are sugar substitutes that can actually help cut back on sugar, so long as you choose the correct ones.. Continue reading “blood sugar 135 before breakfast”