Fruits To Eat And Avoid If You Have Diabetes

Can i eat fruit if i have diabetes? cantaloupe. “this super fruit literally has it all,” says lynn a. maarouf, rd, nutrition educator at the stark diabetes center at the strawberries. clementine. tomatoes. avocado.. Some fruits do contain more sugar than others, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat them if you have diabetes. the total amount of carbohydrates in a food affects blood sugar levels more than does the source of carbohydrates or whether the source is a starch or sugar. one serving of fruit should contain 15 grams of carbohydrates.. If you’re going to pick one type to eat, he says berries tend to raise blood sugar less than fruits like grapes or melon. dried fruit, on the other hand, is really risky, ginn-meadow says.. Continue reading “Fruits To Eat And Avoid If You Have Diabetes”

Veggies With The Lowest Carbs That Are Good For Diabetes

Here are 10 low-carb vegetable options that’ll be a great addition to your nutrition as a person with diabetes. leafy greens (spinach, romaine, swiss chard, kale, iceberg, etc.) you can’t eat too many leafy greens.. In one study, type 2 diabetics followed a low-carb diet for 6 months. their diabetes remained well controlled more than 3 years later if they stuck to the diet ( 13 ).. If using canned vegetables with sodium, drain the vegetables and rinse with water to decrease how much sodium is left on the vegetables. for good health, try to eat at least 3-5 servings of vegetables a day. this is a minimum and more is better! a serving of vegetables is: ½ cup of cooked vegetables 1 cup of raw vegetables; common non-starchy vegetables. the following is a list of common non-starchy vegetables:. Continue reading “Veggies With The Lowest Carbs That Are Good For Diabetes”