how do i calcuate a1c from fasting glucose

Eag/a1c conversion calculator. ada is recommending the use of a new term in diabetes management, estimated average glucose, or eag. health care providers can now report a1c results to patients using the same units (mg/dl or mmol/l) that patients see routinely in blood glucose measurements. the calculator and information below describe the adag. A1c levels explanation and a1c calculator your a1c test result (also known as hba1c or glycated hemoglobin) can be a good general gauge of your diabetes control, because it provides an average blood glucose level over the past few months.. Fasting glucose vs. a1c – which is more accurate? ruthiejb. hello, i’ve never been concerned about diabetes before as my fasting blood glucose levels have always been under 100. however, my last fasting glucose test as well as my husband’s were both high (mine 127, his 140). the doctor had us return for a1c tests which were in the normal range. Continue reading “how do i calcuate a1c from fasting glucose”