The vicious cycle of Insulin Resistance (Type 2 Diabetes)

Sugar! How Consuming Excess Sugar Causes Diabetes And Obesity.

Gaining weight tends to increase our insulin resistance, and decrease our activity level. this is the vicious cycle. you can argue whether insulin resistance comes first or overweight comes first, but in the long run it really does not matter, both things happen, and each makes the other worse.. The vicious cycle of type 2 diabetes. [3,4] some research suggests that intensive insulin treatment administered in newly or recently diagnosed t2d could interrupt glucose toxicity or delay disease progression. interruption of the cycle of decreased insulin secretion, increased glucose production, and insulin resistance may preserve remaining beta cell function and induce a remission of hyperglycemia, possibly altering normal disease progression.. The cure for type 2 diabetes is known, but few are aware. i recently posted to facebook about a cure for diabetes and suggested someone try it.. Continue reading “The vicious cycle of Insulin Resistance (Type 2 Diabetes)”