My journey with Diabetes

Hi and welcome to my blog.

My name is Jesper Sorensen and I have succesfully reversed and cured my Type 2 Diabetes.

My journey with Diabetes started in 2007 where I was feeling unwell and went to the doctor for a checkup. Shortly after I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

The doctors gave me the choice of getting insulin pills or managing my condition with diet, because as the doctor said, « your blood glucose (sugar) levels can’t go down to the normal level when you are Type 2 Diabetic». A statement that I later have proven wrong. For indeed, I was able to reverse and cure my Diabetes.

The doctors told me to keep my blood sugar levels at 7.0 m/mol (126 mg/dl) or below.

After following their advice of diet for 5 years, eating less carbohydrates, vegetabes, salad and meat, I wasn’t able to keep my blood sugars at 7.0 m/mol (126 mg/dl) or below any longer. They rose up to both 8, 9 and 10 m/mol (144, 162, 180 mg/dl) and I experienced discomfort and panick attacks. Very unpleasant experiences that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Because of this, I began searching the internet for alternative solutions, looking for a cure. First I came across an add for a spice, cinnamon, that was said to be able to reverse and cure Type 2 Diabetes. I tried it, and it did seem that it was helpful in lowering my blood glucose levels a little bit. But quickly I realised that more was needed to fully reverse and cure the disease.

Then I came across a reverse-and-cure plan that suggested low carbohydrate meals. This I did for about a month. My blood sugars did go down, but I was freezing cold because I had to little fuel in my body. I did loose quite some weight in this time, but when I started to add more carbs back to the diet my blood sugar levels rose up again.

Next, I found another reverse-and cure plan that actually worked. This by eating healthy and balanced meals, meaning getting the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and liquids and not by excluding carbohydrates but by eating the right ones.

In this program, I followed a 3 month meal plan. When I checked to see my blood sugar levels after the 3 months were over to see if my blood sugar levels could tolerate a normal meal, they could. And I thought I was cured. So gradually I came away from these meals, thinking I was fully cured, and I began more or less to eat naturally again.

Later, when I decided to check to see my levels again, I realised that they had gone up and had stabilized at 6.3 m/mol (114 mg/dl) instead of the 5.5 m/mol (100 mg/dl) where they should have been. So I realized that something in me had been cured. I wasn’t obviously fully cured. But something had been cured. I was eating regularily and my levels were now 6.3 m/mol. Here I really realised, that this disease is curable because of the improvements I had made.

In my enthusiasm and curiosity, instead of going back to continue this reverse-and cure-plan I decided to go back on the internet again to see what other plans where saying.

Here I discovered something extremely important. And that is liver cleansings. Daily liver cleansing. So believe it or not I did another reverse-and-cure-plan including daily liver cleansings and after just 19 days of doing these and continuing more or less to eat naturally healthy, my blood sugar levels went down to the normal range 5.5 m/mol (100 mg/dl).

Because of this, my interest in the livers role in curing Diabetes grew, and I discovered in a leture on the internet, that the liver has the capacity to lower blood sugars compared to the pancreras by 100 to 1. So even though it is important to focus on the insulin, by eating healthy and moderately, it is just as important to optimze and maintain ones liver on a daily basis until one has stabilized one’s blood glucose levels at the normal level.
In the same lecture, I also discovered the missing link to fully maintain the reversal and cure of this disease, and that is; eradicating food cravings which keep the illness alive.

These things combined; eating healthy and moderately, daily liver cleansings and continously eradicating my food cravings gave me the full cure for Type 2 Diabetes. My HbA1c is over the past three years at an average of 5.3 m/mol (96 mg/dl). This is even better than some people who have never been diagnosed with Diabetes.

Are you looking to reverse and cure Type 2 Diabetes.. or do you have a loved one who does?

Then you need to:

  • make a healthy dietary change that will lower your blood glucose (sugar) levels.
  • get rid of food cravings (addictions) that keep the illness alive.
  • do daily liver cleansings (until blood glucose levels are stabilized at the normal level)
  • and getting some gentle daily exercise.